STRIVE Entry Requirements

Making the right placement 

Making the right placement for a student is essential to prevent undue hardship on students and families. Evidence of past success with special education services at the high school level in general education environment is needed before attempting college level course work with STRIVE assistances. Please use the below table as an IEP team to see if your student meets STRIVE requirements and would be a suitable placement into STRIVE.

Past Evidence

Category Standard Reason
High school requirements Have met all high school graduation requirements. STRIVE is not a program designed to meet specific high school core content requirements for graduation. STRIVE is in place to meet unmet needs for student with an IEP.

IEP team referral

(A referral to STRIVE does not equal acceptance into STRIVE)

The IEP team has met, exploring all options with a consensus that the student has had a positive experience in the chosen field of study. The chosen field of study matches with the student’s strengths, interest, and abilities. The team agrees that the student can be successful taking college level coursework and the student desires to approach an increased academic environment.

It is essential to match the students’ needs with services offered, motivation level, interest in and ability to achieve college level coursework.

Attending STRIVE is an IEP team decision. The team should be in agreement of the following things, to ensure the greatest level of success.

High school attendance Students are expected to consistently attend classes.  Missing 1 or 2 classes in college in some cases is equal to missing 1 or 2 weeks of classes. Attendance is directly related to academic success. Missing multiple classes at the beginning of the term will cause the student to be automatically dropped from class.
Work ethic Work ethic listed as an asset in the IEP or indicated by special education instructor.  Motivation is essential to succeed at the college level. Independent study time outside of class time is essential.
Past evidence of success One or more years of taking general education courses without modified assignments and tests. Earning C grades or better, with only resource room assistance. Evidence of success is necessary at the high school level before attempting college level coursework. 

Successful vocational exposure

Has had successful experiences in the chosen area of study through at least one of the following formats (H.S. courses, DMACC courses, work experiences).

A successful experience in the area of study aids in the student’s understanding of the field, interest in the program, and increases the rate of success. This process helps to determine if the chosen area of study is the correct choice.

​IEP goal ​IEP goals trending in a positive direction. ​IEP goals trending in a positive direction is an indicator that the student is moving in a positive direction, however still needs services. 

Placement Standards

Category Standard Standard Reason
Accuplacer Reading Score Accuplacer Classic Scores
35 or above
Accuplacer Next Gen Scores
225 or above
Reading score below this level indicate that a student is not ready for college level coursework
Reading level 7th /8th grade level N/A Reading score below this level indicate that a student is not ready for college level coursework
ALEKS Score of 4% or Better. N/A Scores below this level indicate that students would have great difficulty in required courses.

The Right Fit

Category Standard Reason
Behavior and social skills NA Our staff has not been trained in the area of more intensive behavior interventions, mental health, or social skills development. As a result, our program is not the right placement for a student that needs specialized assistance in these areas.​

​​Th​e IEP team referral does not equal acceptance. STRIVE is a service contracted through a high school to meet student’s IEP needs.