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Welcome to DMACC Templeton

The DMACC Templeton Regional Center, part of the Carroll Campus, offers career academies and general education courses. Designed for high school students, the Center helps them acquire skills needed for in-demand occupations and sets them up to earn an Associate's Degree or transfer to a 4-year institution.


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Earn College Credit in High School

Courses are offered at no cost to students while they are in high school. Students can sign up for courses at the Templeton Regional Center by contacting their high school counselor.​​

Exploratory Career Academy

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Support Services

Free support services for student success. We offer a wide range of support and resources to assist in areas and essential needs that ensures the overall well-being and success of our students


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About the Facility

Every location is unique, with its own distinct atmosphere, traditions, academic programs, student body, and campus facilities, offering a diverse range of experiences and opportunities to create a truly memorable and personalized college experience.

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123 S.​ Main Street Templeton, IA 51463 | Phone: 712​-792-1755