Referral Timeline, Checklist, and Forms

STRIVE Referral Timeline

Students Who Are Referred for Fall Semester 2024
Referral Deadline March 8, 2025
STRIVE Interviews April 1–12, 2025
STRIVE Orientation August 21, 2024
Fall Semester Begins August 21, 2024
Students Who Are Referred for Spring Semester 2025
Referral Deadline November 15, 2024
STRIVE Interviews/Orientation November 20-30, 2024

STRIVE Referral Checklist

(For special education teacher use only)

You must select the links below to submit some of the required information. Email or mail additional material to:


Des Moines Area Community College
2006 S. Ankeny, Blvd, Bldg 6 Rm 19B
Ankeny, IA 50023

Check the STRIVE Referral Timeline (above) for the referral deadline. Items 1-6 must be received by this date.

⬜ 1. Completed Student Referral Form (Enter information and submit online)

  • Be sure to identify the administrative contact person who should receive the contract, meeting notices, etc.
  • Be sure to identify and notify the resident district & their administrative contact person if different from the referring district.

⬜ 2. Completed DMACC online application (Enter information and submit online)

⬜ 3. Students attending fall semester are encouraged to complete the ALEKS assessment when applying to DMACC.

  • This is an online assessment
  • Student needs his/her DMACC student ID # and PIN in order to access this assessment on Banner Self Service

Some vocational programs have additional program entry requirements. See specific program information for details (PIB).

⬜ 4. Copy of up-to-date high school transcript sent to STRIVE (Send via Email)

⬜ 5. Share the student's junior and senior IEPs with STRIVE via the Achieve system.

⬜ 6. Copies of evaluations or other information that would be pertinent (Send via Email)

The following items are required but do not have to be sent.

We will be able to access this information through the electronic IEP system at the beginning of the school year.

⬜ 7. An updated IEP needs to be completed in May of the student’s senior year for students starting fall semester (Aug.) OR in December of the student’s senior year for students starting spring semester (Jan.). DO NOT EXIT students from special education services or they will not be eligible for the STRIVE program.

⬜ 8. A reevaluation needs to be completed as part of the decision making process to determine the need for continued special education services.

⬜ 9. Inform the student that he/she is not eligible for FAFSA, Pell Grant, etc. (federal student financial aid) while enrolled in STRIVE. However students are eligible for private scholarships.

For IEP/3 year evaluation questions, talk to your AEA Consultant or email the STRIVE office at