Student Orientation

Get ready to ROAR with us!

After your application for admission is accepted and orientation season begins, you will receive an email with orientation information. We know you might have some questions in the meantime, and we hope to answer those for you here.

What is orientation?

Get an Overview
Get Advised
Get Registered

Are you Ready? DMACC has many different locations and programs, so orientations vary depending on your educational goals. You will be sent details regarding your specific orientation process after your admissions application is accepted and the orientation season opens. Regardless of what format your orientation is in, you will always complete the following steps.

Get an Overview of DMACC. The orientation experience begins in Canvas, where you will learn general information about the college such as available clubs and organizations, satisfactory academic progress, how to pay for college, parking information, housing, and much, much more.

Get Advised. Your academic advisor will provide you with helpful information about your specific academic program such as potential careers in the area, materials you might need, what classes to take, transfer information, and more. The campus or center you are attending as well as your academic program will determine whether advising information will be provided online in Canvas or at an on-campus event. You will be informed of how you will receive your advising information when you first sign in to Canvas during the Get an Overview phase of orientation.

Get Registered. After you have reviewed general college and advising information, you will register for classes. The location you are attending and your academic program will determine whether you can register online or on campus with an advisor. You will be informed of your registration process in Canvas during the Get an Overview phase of orientation.

When does orientation season begin?

  • Fall Orientation Season - Opens in mid-April
  • Spring Orientation Season - Opens in late October
  • Summer Orientation Season - Opens in mid-March

When should I expect my orientation email?

Once orientation season is open, emails are generated approximately 24 hours after an admissions application is moved into an “accepted” status (excluding some weekends).

Frequently Asked Questions

​DMACC Student Orientation is designed to provide you with a seamless transition to DMACC, answer your questions, and provide you with information regarding:

  • Student Services & Resources
  • Navigating DMACC technology
  • Advising and registering for classes
  • Paying for DMACC, financial aid and scholarships
  • Clubs and organizations

Completion of orientation is mandatory for most new, degree-seeking students and some students changing academic programs. 

Orientation at DMACC provides students with information about the college and the academic program the student has selected. DMACC is a large, multi-campus community college with a vast number of student resources and opportunities. Orientation will help students gain access to college information and support students in making a successful transition into college and/or their new academic program. For most students, orientation also includes registering for classes.

Academic programs can vary greatly from one another, so it is important for students to learn about their new academic program and meet with their advisor. In particular, it can be important that their program advisor has the opportunity to see how prior classes might fit in with the new program of study to determine an appropriate plan of future courses.

Note: Students switching from programs INTO Liberal Arts are not required to complete a new orientation unless it has been more than three years. Some students may not be required to complete a new orientation or may have their orientation waived if they are switching to a similar program. Please contact that program advisor for more information.

Orientation emails are automated and generated either when orientation season opens or approximately one business day after a student is accepted to their academic program. The student should check Banner Self Service in myDMACC to ensure that their contact information is accurate, as it is possible that the email was sent to an old or incorrect email address. A student can either request the letter be resent by contacting or they can simply sign into their myDMACC account, click ‘Canvas’, and review the orientation instructions. If orientation instructions are not showing​, there might be an issue with the student’s admissions application, and the student should contact the orientation team at

*Please note: The Orientation Tab will not be displayed if orientation season has not opened.

Guests are allowed to accompany students to campus; however, guest participation opportunities vary by academic program and semester. 

Please contact with any questions about guest participation at orientation for your respective campus.

​DMACC has housing options available on select campuses. For more information, visit the housing webpage.

Visit the DMACC Bookstore website for information on how/when to purchase your books.

Certain programs at DMACC have limited capacities, so once a program reaches capacity, Admissions begins a wait list. Each waitlist is specific to the program and campus which you applied. You can contact the Admissions Office at 515-965-7337 for approximate wait times for each program. Students may be able to take limited classes while on a wait list. Please visit with an Academic Advisor about any specific questions you may have regarding wait lists.