Safety and Security

Campus safety is everyone’s responsibility

Safety & Security at DMACC

Our dedicated campus safety & security team works tirelessly to ensure that every student, faculty member, and visitor feels protected and at ease. With well-lit buildings, surveillance systems, and regular safety drills, we create a warm and secure environment where everyone can focus on their studies and make unforgettable memories.

DMACC Security: 515-964-6500

Bear Alert


Emergency notification system

The DMACC Bear Alert - Emergency Notification System can quickly alert DMACC credit students, faculty, and staff of potentially dangerous situations and weather-related closings.​ In the event of an emergency, you will receive text notifications, phone calls, and app alerts.

Bear Alert

Campus Security


Protecting our college community

The DMACC Security team is comprised of well-trained, dedicated professionals who care about our college community. Whether our team is responding to an emergency, or helping someone that has locked their keys in their car, the DMACC Security team is committed to excellence.

DMACC Security

Emergency Procedures


Every second matters

DMACC Security personnel provide a variety of public services to the college community and has a multi-layered emergency notification system for immediately notifying the campus community upon the confirmation of a significant emergency or situation to the health or safety of students or employees occurring on the campus.

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