Message from the Director

Mission Statement

To lead as the Director of Safety and Security at Des Moines Community College (DMACC) is to undertake asteadfast commitment to safeguarding the well-being of our campus community. With unwavering dedication, I pledge to cultivate a culture of security and safety that prioritizes timely results, anticipates potential threats through a proactive and predictive optic, upholds unwavering integrity, and centers on providing exceptional service to our cherished students, esteemed staff, dedicated faculty, and visionary administration.

Guided by the principle that safety and security are foundational to a thriving educational environment, I vowto implement strategies that ensure the swift and effective resolution of security concerns. Recognizing that every moment counts, I am resolute in my determination to expedite responses and solutions, thus contributing to an atmosphere where individuals can pursue their academic and professional aspirations without hesitation or concern.

In embodying this mission, I dedicate myself to the pursuit of excellence, continuous improvement, and thetireless pursuit of a campus where safety and security are never compromised. Through the fusion of timely results, a proactive and predictive security optic, unwavering integrity, and a focus on service, I am resolute in my determination to lead DMACC into a future where every member of our community flourishes without reservation or concern.

Brian Endrizal









Brian Endrizal
Director of Safety/Security