Pathway Success Team

Design, Media, & the Arts

Design, Media, & the Arts Pathway Success Team

Academic Dean: Academic Deans at DMACC ensure curricular standards and support students' classroom learning environments by serving as a liaison between DMACC leadership, students, instructors, and staff.

Enrollment Advisors: The Enrollment Advisor at DMACC assists students with understanding DMACC programs and related Pathways, completing DMACC program enrollment requirements, and finishing the application process.

Pathway Navigators: Pathway Navigators provide extra support for students by offering personal, educational, and career supports using financial and community resources to assist in removing barriers both in and out of the classroom.

Academic Advisors: An Academic Advisor helps students in all phases of academic and career planning, including program and course information, scheduling, registration, transfer requirements, articulations with other educational institutions, academic improvement plans, and graduation requirements. Current students log into your myDMACC to view your assigned Academic Advisor.

Discipline Experts: Faculty members willing to share discipline specific information to students.

Name & Title Location Phone Email
Jim Stick
Executive Academic Dean
District Wide 515-964-6429
Kristen Blair
Enrollment Advisor
District Wide 515-964-6460
Laura Howard
Pathway Navigator
District Wide 515-964-6672
Jeremy Austin
Academic Advisor
DMACC Ankeny 515-964-6556
Katy Huston
Academic Advisor
DMACC Ames Hunziker 515-663-6700
Jennifer Julich
Academic Advisor
DMACC West Des Moines 515-633-2405
Jim Koopman
Academic Advisor
DMACC West Des Moines 515-633-2412
Jocelyn Kovarik
Academic Advisor
DMACC Boone 515-433-5209
Danielle Lopez
Academic Advisor
DMACC Boone 515-433-5051
Berenice Real Rodriguez
Academic Advisor
DMACC Des Moines/Urban 515-248-7520
Marc Renning
Academic Advisor
DMACC Carroll 712-792-8323
Connie Saenz
Academic Advisor
DMACC Perry VanKirk 515-419-9030
Jody Stiles
Academic Advisor
DMACC Newton 641-791-1722
Daniella Guerrero
Student Support - Enrollment & Financial Aid
DMACC Des Moines/Urban 515-248-7234
Carl Lindberg
Discipline Expert: Theatre & Acting
DMACC Ankeny 515-965-7031