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Welcome, and congratulations on pursuing the education and training you need to get the new job or promotion you deserve!

DMACC helps thousands of working adults, so you’ll see people of all ages in our classrooms. While enrollment is large, our class sizes are small, averaging fewer than 18 students to one professor. That means you get a personalized education by faculty who care about you.

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Credit Programs

If you are just starting your pursuit of a degree
DMACC offers a wide range of academic programs that are designed to help you meet your goals. You can begin by exploring your options here:

Take advantage of past accomplishments
If you have college credits from another institution and/or have advanced skills or knowledge in related fields to your program, you may be ahead of the game.  Learn if you can transfer credits, receive Alternative Credit or take CLEP testing to receive credit for a portion of your classes.

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Many people in the workforce want to update their skills, advance in their current job, earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for renewal of their work license, or just learn a new skill.

DMACC's Continuing Education serves professional development needs by educating, training and positioning enrollees for success in the workplace. Types of classes available include:

Continuing Education can also start at a basic level with classes that lead to a high school diploma. You can also attend HiSET/EL​L classes at various times on any DMACC campuses or other Central Iowa locations.

Attending DMACC makes a lot of financial sense.

Did you know, in Iowa alone, a graduate owes an average of more than $30,000 in student loans. That's more than THREE TIMES the entire cost of an Associate's Degree at DMACC. Learn more about DMACC's commitment to making college affordable.

Our Course Schedule page allows you to filter for evening offerings, online classes, or by DMACC location. The more you learn about DMACC, the more you will experience our truly unique approach to education, student support and engagement!