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DMACC and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) partnered to offer qualified TSA employees three college credit, online courses in DMACC's Criminal Justice program, all at no cost to selected students. Not only will tuition and book fees be paid by TSA, all courses are online making this program extremely convenient to fit into your work schedule with no traveling time and all lessons available 24/7.

4,051 TSA Students have participated in the TSA Associates Program at DMACC as of the end of the Spring 2024 Term.

The TSA Associates Certificate Program Fall 2024 Semester runs August 26 to December12, 2024.

Registration Dates: July 10 - August 21, 2024 - All registrations after August 21 will be on a case by case basis.

Contact your TSA Education Coordinator for more information, it all starts with them.

Fall 2024 Course Information

Note: Classes must be taken in the order as shown below, unless you have prior approval from the Program Director, Steve Barger (sgbarger2@dmacc.edu) or Donna Kehr, TSA Program Coordinator (dfkehr@dmacc.edu​).

Students can take ONE CLASS PER TERM unless permission is requested and approved by the TSA Associates Program Office.

*Limited availability – first-come, first served basis. Program interest is strong and we anticipate waiting lists so register early!


TSA Associates Certificate Program

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Completing this program will provide you with a deeper understanding of how TSA operates and how your individual actions impact others. It demonstrates a strong commitment to your personal and professional growth, which can open doors to advancement opportunities and leadership positions within the organization.

TSA Associates Certificate Program

TSA Associates Expansion Degree

TSA Expansion Degree Program

Do more with your certificate!

Qualified TSA Associate Program certificate holders are now eligible to apply for enrollment in the Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Degree in Criminal Justice Program at DMACC. This opportunity allows employees to further their education and professional development with TSA covering the cost of tuition and books for all required courses, ensuring a supportive pathway to achieving their goals.

TSA Expansion Degree Program

After the Certificate

After the Certificate

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Consider one of our Criminal Justice two-year Associate Degrees (AA or AAS). DMACC also offers hundreds of other degree programs for you to explore if you are not sure of your goal currently. And the best part about it is, as a current DMACC student you've already been accepted!

After the Certificate

Where we train - Map of the united states and North America

Where We Educate

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DMACC provides accredited courses for academic credit across the entire U.S. and U.S. Territories for the TSA Associates programs. Our instructors are located throughout the country. Contact your TSA Education Coordinator for more information, it all starts with them.

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Danielle Nicol

What a journey it has been with the TSA Associates Program! I have really enjoyed the classes that have been offered through this program. The three CORE classes are very informative and give a great insight into different aspects of Homeland Security beyond what we see at work daily with TSA. The professors as well as the program personnel at DMACC are knowledgeable, will do all they can to help you along the way, and are such a pleasure to work with!

Danielle Nicol - TSA Graduate

Gerald Goebel

Throughout my journey with DMACC, I was amazed with the amount of information professors possessed and their willingness to share that information with their students. Professors were available and flexible with students during course activities and promoted a learning environment that was supportive to the student’s needs. Additionally, the DMACC administrative staff was phenomenal and ensured my course selections aligned with my educational goals (Associates Degree).

Gerald Goebel - TSA Graduate

Rachel Jackson

With support from my family, friends, coworkers and the outstanding staff at DMACC, I am happy to report that I finished my AAS in Criminal Justice/Homeland Security Concentration in the Spring of 2020. Every class that I took not only gave me a better depth and breadth of knowledge and understanding of not only the world around me but also gave me something that I could positively incorporate into my TSA career to make me a better officer/team-mate and also to help other coworkers develop their skills and talents.

Rachel Jackson - TSA Graduate