ACCUPLACER® Next-Generation FAQ's

How do I know if I need ACCUPLACER?
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How do I schedule the Next-Generation ACCUPLACER test?

Testing schedules are available by clicking on the appropriate campus link. If you require an accommodation for testing, call the Disabilities Services Coordinator at 515-964-6850.

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What is Next-Generation ACCUPLACER?

Next-Generation ACCUPLACER is a computer-based test with a series of basic skill assessments in reading and writing. The test indicates areas where you might need strengthening and suggests courses that might be a starting point for your college career. Most questions require a multiple choice answer.

How much time will the test take?

Generally, it takes an hour to complete the Next-Generation ACCUPLACER Reading and Writing assessments and two hours to complete the ACCUPLACER Classic ELL assessments.

What subjects are tested?

There are two areas of focus for Next-Generation ACCUPLACER:

  1. Reading: The reading assessment determine what skills students have to succeed in entry-level college courses.
  2. Writing ​& Sentence Skills: The writing assessment requires students to find and correct errors in essays. This includes grammar, punctuation, sentence structure as well as strategy, organization assessment and style in effective writing.

Also available is ELL ACCUPLACER Classic. Written in standard English, ELL ACCUPLACER Classic will assess appropriate levels of ELL classes or regular course work.

I Have No Computer Experience. Can I still take the Next-Generation ACCUPLACER Test?

Next-Generation ACCUPLACER​ is user friendly and was designed for those with little or no computer experience. DMACC staff are on hand to walk you through the directions and assist you with getting started.

The amount of time you spend on each area is recorded, but there is no time limit, so you can relax and do your best!