Reading Comprehension Study Guidance

​​​​The Reading Comprehension test consists of 20 questions and assesses how well you understand what you read, distinguish main ideas from supporting details, and make inferences. The test presents reading passages, and you must identify what is requested, which might be the main idea, author's purpose, or a conclusion about the paragraph gained through inference.

  1. ACCUPLACERInside the Test" explains the components of the test. Skip down to the description for Reading Comprehension.
  2. Visit ​​ to access the ACCUPLACER app. When finished with the practice test, you receive a summary of the results and recommended areas to study. You can revisit questions and concepts measured in the app and use the Reading Comprehension Resources below to study independently or with an Academic Achievement Center Instructor.​
  3. Another resource on the “Student Practice" page is a link to the “Classic ACCUPLACER Sample Questions for Students," which you can download, print, and use to study. Reading Comprehension resources are offered on pages 3-6, and the answer key is on page 19. Complete the practice test and review your answers. Take the guide and your answers to the Academic Achievement Center to review with an instructor.
  4. also has Reading Comprehension resources and a learn-as-you-go practice test that can be used in the same fashion.
  5. Finally, the Academic Achievement Center (AAC) has resources to help you improve your reading skills. Check with the AAC on your campus.

Reading Comprehension Study Resources

Reading Comprehension Reviews and Courses

Main Ideas and Supporting Details


Sentence Relationships

Author's Purpose and Rhetorical Strategies

When Ready, Take the Test!

Relax! ACCUPLACER® Classic is a well-designed test to help you assess your readiness for college. The follow tips will help you do your best.

  1. Get a good night's rest the night before the test. Eat a healthy breakfast and drink some water that morning to nourish your body and mind.
  2. Arrive a couple of minutes early so you can gather your thoughts and locate the Testing Center.
  3. Ask questions if you don't understand the process of ​ACCUPLACER® Classic.
  4. During the test, read the questions carefully.
  5. Work to answer all the questions.

For more information about the Reading Comprehension exam, visit your Testing Center or Academic Achievement Center​.