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Ion Wave is DMACC’s online bidding system, replacing traditional paper bids with an electronic process. It's the exclusive method for submitting bids, designed specifically to streamline the competitive bid process at DMACC for suppliers. To participate in bid opportunities with DMACC, suppliers must register on the Ionwave platform. Registration is free of charge, and bid submissions are exclusively accepted through Ion Wave.

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Supplier Registration

Registering on Ion Wave is essential for accessing bid opportunities and submitting bids. We recommend completing your registration at least four days before a project's closing date. Additionally, ensure you allocate sufficient time to review and finalize your proposal before the bid deadline to avoid any incomplete submissions, which will be rejected by the system.

Suppliers can register at their convenience and will start receiving bid opportunity notifications tailored to their chosen supplier categories. Remember, registration is mandatory for submitting bid responses, and there are no associated fees with using Ionwave. All bid responses must be submitted through Ionwave, so please allocate ample time to review and submit your response before the deadline.

DMACC Facilities Planning & Management Notice to Bidders

Official Bid Publications

Official bid notifications are presented below. For more information please contact the Facilities Planning & Management office during regular business hours (M-F, 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.) at 515-964-6253. Bidders and Des Moines Area Community College shall comply with Iowa Code Chapter 26, the Iowa Construction Bidding Procedures Act.