College Preparatory Education

College Preparatory Education courses are designed for students who need to strengthen their academic skills before enrolling in college-level courses. They help students climb the ladder of skills needed to reach their educational and career goals.

College Preparatory courses, which are numbered below 100, do not count toward a degree or diploma, but the credits do count toward full-time status for students. Grades for these courses are posted on student transcripts and computed as part of their grade point averages. Classes are available in three subject areas: reading, English, and math. Students are advised into these courses based on previous high school or college coursework and their scores on entrance tests, usually the ACCUPLACER Classic ​tests and ALEKS placement assessment.

RDG038 College Preparatory Reading I 3 credits
The first in a series of two courses designed to help students succeed with college-level reading assignments. Emphasis will be placed on vocabulary development and basic comprehension skills, particularly the skill of recognizing the main idea and supporting details.
RDG039 College Preparatory Reading II 3 credits
The second in a series of courses designed to help students succeed with college-level reading assignments. Emphasis is on strengthening vocabulary and comprehension skills including annotating, summarizing, making inferences, and reading critically.
ENG060 College Preparatory Writing I 3 credits
Introduces students to writing at the basic sentence and paragraph levels including grammar, punctuation, spelling and editing techniques. Students then compose 3-4 essays.
ENG061 College Preparatory Writing II 3 credits
Prepares students for college-level writing while reviewing sentence and paragraph patterns, mechanics, and essay development. Explores writing purposes, audience, and editing based on assignment criteria. Students write 4-6 essays.
MAT034 Arithmetic 3 credits
A review of the fundamental operations of arithmetic including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole numbers, decimals and fractions.
MAT053 Pre-Algebra 4 credits
A review of arithmetic and an introduction to algebra. This is a college preparatory course designed to strengthen arithmetic skills and introduce basic concepts of Algebra in preparation for MAT063.
MAT063 Elementary Algebra 4 credits
A beginning Algebra course covering most elementary topics of algebra. This includes the real number system, solving equations and inequalities, polynomials, fractional equations and radical expressions.
MAT 064 College Prep Math 4 credits
Prepares students for enrollment in MAT 110 (Math for Liberal Arts) or MAT 157 (Statistics). This course includes math study skills, arithmetic skills, problemsolving, algebra and geometry. This class is not recommended for science, math or engineering majors.
MAT073 Elementary Algebra II 4 credits
A review of elementary Algebra along with the new topics including exponents and radicals, functions and graphs, quadratic equations, inequalities and systems of equations.
MAT093 Math Study Skills 1 credit
Provides students with the study techniques necessary for successful completion of their college preparatory or college credit math courses. It also addresses feelings and attitudes that might block math learning and offers strategies and techniques designed to overcome these feelings.