Frequently Asked Questions

​Q. If I don't have a TOEFL score, can I come to the United States and study at DMACC?

A. Yes, you can. We issue an I-20 if you do not have a TOEFL score.

You can use the DMACC I-20 to apply for an F-1 visa to the United States. After you arrive at DMACC, we will ask you to take the ELL ACCUPLACER assessment​. If necessary, you can take ELL classes until you are qualified to take regular credit classes for your major. For more details see our Language Proficiency.

Q. Can I work on a DMACC campus?

A. Yes, there are no restrictions to working on campus. You do not need any working permission from the federal government. Students should be aware that jobs are limited. For more details see our Career Center website.

Q. Can I work off DMACC campus?

A. The federal government has general restrictions on F-1 students who work off campus. There are two exceptions:

1. CPT (curriculum practical training)
2. OPT (optional practical training)

For more information, please contact the International Student Office at 515-964-6471 or 1-800-362-2127
 ext 6471 or

Q. Can I qualify for in-state tuition if I stay in Iowa for more than 90 days?

A. As an F-1 or temporary student with a non-immigrant visa you cannot qualify for in-state tuition. If you come from a sister state, you do qualify for resident tuition. Visit the Sister State website for more information.

Q. Can I qualify for DMACC health insurance?

A. Yes, all F-1 students are eligible to apply for health insurance through DMACC.

Q. Is dental and vision included on the DMACC health insurance?

A. Dental and vision are not included with the DMACC health insurance. However both can be added to your insurance package for an additional fee.

Q. If my F1 visa expires, can I transfer to DMACC?

A. Yes, if you are in F-1 status and your I-20 has not expired.

Q. Does DMACC have student housing on campus?

A. DMACC has housing available at the Ankeny and Boone campuses. Visit the Student Housing website.

Q. As an international student at DMACC, can I take part-time classes at another college or university?

A. Yes, but you must inform the International Student Office so that your SEVIS records are updated and to keep you in full-time status. The best financial arrangement is to cont​inue full-time study at DMACC and take cross-enrollment classes at Iowa State University, Grand View University or Drake University. 

Q. What about DMACC online classes?

A. DMACC offers online classes, but the U.S. federal government requires the F-1 student can take no more than one course (i.e. no more than three credits) per fall or spring semesters.

Q. If my F-1 visa application is denied can I take DMACC online classes?

A. Yes, for those students who are abroad. Contact the International Student Office at 515-964-6471, 1-800-362-2127 ext 6471 or for more information.