Financial Information

​A Financial Resource Statement is required that verifies the ability of the student or the student's sponsor to meet all educational and living expenses for one year while attending DMACC. This must be signed and sealed by a notary public and accompanied by a letter or bank statement from the student or the student's financial sponsor, dated within six months of the application. The letter or bank statement need to show at least $20,000 (USD).

A refundable deposit of $4,000 (USD) is also required. This deposit is required for new or transfer F-1 students at DMACC and must be paid before course registration takes place. It may not be used to pay educational expenses. When the student completes their studies at DMACC, any remaining amount of the deposit, less any outstanding tuition or fees, will be refunded to the student.

Listed below are the estimated costs for one year. Careful planning will help to make a successful college experience.

Work permits for off-campus employment are only granted with the permission of the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Service (BCIS). International Students are eligible to work on campus and are encouraged to apply for on campus job openings.

Financial aid through DMACC is not available for international students. It may be possible to find scholarship assistance through personal research.

Educational Costs

The following costs for admission fees, tuition, fees, and books are approximate, and are subject to change each year. There may be additional supply/equipment/lab expenses for students enrolled in certain programs or courses. International students must pay the non-resident rate for tuition and fees, which is double the resident rate per credit hour.​

Credit Hour Costs
Fall Semester (12 hours)
approximately $4,272
Spring Semester (12 hours
approximately $4,272
Summer Term (8 hours)
approximately $2,256
Total Credit Hour Costs
Other Costs
Health Insurance (mandatory)
(annually) $1,700
Living Expenses (room, board, personal expenses)
Total Other Costs
(This amount will vary, depending on individual needs. The cost of transportation is not included.)
Total Costs
​Refundable Deposit

Please Note: Cost figures are subject to change without notice.