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Workforce Training Academy's step-by-step guide to qualifying for FREE tuition.

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Once you’ve learned about DMACC’s Workforce Training Academy, complete an application.

Apply to WTA

Students are responsible for submitting documentation through their upload link

Please gather and start submitting the following documentation using the link that was emailed to you. If you should run into any questions or have troubles, these documents can be submitted/discussed once you are attending the pre-enrollment class.

(If you need help uploading documents, watch this video explaining how to upload documents)

1. Applicant income information
Please submit one of the following:

  • Paycheck stubs for the past 3 months from date of application
  • Wage-A Screen White Sheet from Iowa Workforce Development
  • SSDI or SSI letter
  • SNAP Notice of Decision letter
More information​​

2. Proof of high school completion
Please submit one of the following:

  • Unofficial copy of your high school transcripts or diploma
    Copy of GED or HISET
  • Copy of college degree/transcripts
More information

3. Proof of state residency
Please submit one of the following:

  • Driver's license (not expired) or voter registration card
  • Recent mail that includes your name and address (postmark must be visible)
More information

  • Math Assessment
    Required score range: 215 and above
  • Reading Assessment
    Required score range: 228 and above
  • Ell Reading Assessment
    Required score range: 211 and above
    (For candidates whose native language is not English.)

We will contact you by email after processing your application to schedule assessments. If you have previously tested, please provide your scores or submit your college transcripts with graduation date to waive these CASAS assessments. Once you have achieved the minimum required assessment scores, we will register you for STEP 4. Please note, there is a 2-week wait period between testing if scores are not met.

Administrative Support Professional, Health Care Patient Services, IT Helpdesk Fundamentals all require a digital literacy assessment. You will be placed in the next scheduled digital literacy assessment session.

Practice now: External Resources | Northstar Digital Literacy

Complete a 16-hour pre-enrollment class designed to equip you with skills and tools to succeed with your personal, academic and professional goals. You will also identify strategies to be successful in your college classes and employment.

After completing this pre-enrollment class you will be meeting with your Pathway Navigator to complete the qualification process.

After you have completed these steps, WTA will be guiding you through this process towards registration into a training program. Questions? Call 515-256-4951

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