Pre-High School Student Admission

DMACC may allow pre-high school students to enroll in credit courses. Completion of all the steps listed below is necessary before DMACC makes a decision about admitting any person who is not at least a freshman in high school:

  1. Submit a completed application for admission.
  2. Submit written approval from a parent/guardian and from high school counselor or principal on the DMACC High School Permission Form​.
  3. Complete Next-Generation ACCUPLACER® (reading and writing) and AL​EKS (math) assessments or submit ACT scores. Students not meeting minimum scores for placement in college level courses will not be allowed to enroll. Course placement based on test scores will be mandatory.
  4. Students must provide documentation that they have been identified as talented and gifted.
  5. Any specific course or program prerequisite must be met.
  6. Students are limited to no more than two credit courses per semester and must maintain part-time status.
  7. Students must meet, without the parent being present, with the appropriate instructor, program chair, or dean for an evaluation of readiness for each desired course. A determination that a student is not ready either academically or emotionally will prohibit enrollment in that course.