Career Academy Programs - DMACC West Campus


The DMACC Career Academy on the West Campus provides state-of-the-art career and technical training and college credit to high school students.
The educational academies on the West Campus are Agribusiness-Sustainable Agriculture, Cybersecurity, Health Occupations and IT Pathways. In addition, a variety of Arts and Science courses are available to students if space is available.
DMACC Career Academy programs are college level coursework infused with professional skills. In addition to earning college credit, students in all programs will:

  • Learn, develop, and practice professional communication skills
  • Compose a professional resume
  • Complete job shadowing or internship experiences in business/industry

Classes Offered

These classes provide area high school students with excellent educational opportunities. Registration in these courses is handled by high school counselors and principals. Listed times and courses are subject to change.

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Programs Available

Agribusiness-Sustainable Agriculture
The Sustainable Agriculture program provides students with a head-start towards the Sustainable Ag Certificate offered by DMACC, and provides a strong knowledge base about the ag industry and basic concepts of sustainable agriculture.
Course # Course Name Credits
M-F, 7:30-9:30am
AGA114Principles of Agronomy (Fall)3
AGC314Leadership in Agriculture (Fall)2
AGC420Agricultural Issues (Spring)3
AGM125Alternative Energy in Agriculture (Spring)3
AGB802Agribusiness Internship I (year-long)2
The Cybersecurity Academy provides state-of-the art technical training on protecting computer networks and information systems.
Course # Course Name Credits
M-F, 7:30-9:30am
NET213Cisco Networking (Fall)4
NET202Programming for Network Administrators (Fall)3
NET225Routing and Switching Essentials (Spring)4
NET166Applied Computer Security (Spring)3
Health Occupations
This two-year program provides students with the coursework necessary to complete all pre-requisite courses for entry into the DMACC Nursing program. Students will also complete the courses necessary for Certified Nursing Assistant Certification and entry0level EMS Certification. This program will provide students an outstanding foundation into any healthcare field.
Course # Course Name Credits
M-F, 7:30-9:30am (Year 1 Courses)
BIO168Anatomy and Physiology I (Fall)4
MAT157Statistics (Fall)4
CHM122Intro to General Chemistry (Spring)4
BIO104Introductory Biology w/ Lab (Spring)3
M-F, 7:30-9:30am (Year 2 Courses)
PSY111Intro to Psychology (Fall)3
HSC172Basic Nurse Aide (Fall)3
HSC120Medical Terminology (Fall)3
EMS214Emergency Medical Technician (Spring)6
IT Pathways
The IT Pathways program gives students insight into the many career areas in Data/Telecommunications, Computer Networking, Computer Programming and Logic, and Computer Security.
Course # Course Name Credits
M-F, 7:30-9:30am
NET123Computer Hardware Basics (Fall)4
TEL210Telecommunications I (Fall)3
CIS125Intro to Programming Logic (Spring)3
NET166Applied Computer Security (Spring)3