Employment at the DMACC Urban Campus

​​Come be a part of our high performing team and diverse learning community!


The DMACC Urban Campus is a great place to work and we look for individuals who have solid credentials, competitive skill sets, and are dedicated to student success. We invite you to explore the DMACC Urban Campus positions that are listed on the DMACC employment page. Listings may change weekly.

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As a teaching and learning organization we want to help you to do your best. Below is some practical advice to help you through the selection process. Please read carefully.

Advice to applicants:

  • Spend some time researching DMACC and the DMACC Urban Campus before you apply for a position so that you know whether the organization and the position is a good fit for you. Once you read through the job announcement and believe that you meet the qualifications listed, take the time to customize your application, cover letter and resume to reflect your skills and abilities to meet the needs of the job.
  • Cover letters and resumes are not limited in length and should be original work. Cover letters should provide thoughtful description that helps us understand how your skills and experience match what we are looking for.
  • Applicants are typically asked to answer supplemental questions. Your answers should provide description and/or examples that help us understand how your experience and skills align with our needs.
  • Once the selection committee has determined who they would like to interview, applicants will be contacted by email or phone.
  • The Evelyn K. Davis Center for Working Families at 1171 7th Street in Des Moines helps individuals develop job search strategies, build job interviewing skills, and explore new career options. Feel free to check out these services.

We hope that this advice helps in your search for employment at the DMACC Urban Campus.

Best wishes,

Anne Howsare Boyens, Ph.D.
Provost, DMACC Urban Campus