Refund Selection


To select your refund method:

  • Log in to myDMACC and select Student.

  • Under Banner Self Service/Student Accounts, choose Refund Method Selection.

  • Click on the Pay Now button. This will direct you to the Nelnet site.

  • On your first visit, follow the prompts to create an account with Nelnet.

  • After creating an account, select Manage Refunds to enroll in a refund method.

  • Enter your information. Your refund will be sent using the method you selected.

Refund method options include:

  • Direct Deposit (ACH) to your bank account - You will need to enter your bank routing and account numbers. Funds will typically be available in your bank account 3-4 days after the date your refund is processed on your student account.

  • Reloadable Debit Card - You will need to enter the routing and account numbers for the card. Funds will typically be available on your card 3-4 days after the date your refund is processed on your student account.

​Students will no longer receive DMACC OneCards as they will not be needed for refund method selection with Nelnet. If you have a BankMobile Vibe account, you may still use it to receive your student refund. You will need to set it up as your refund method in Nelnet’s system by entering the routing and account numbers associated with your account.

Additional information about reloadable debit cards

If you choose the reloadable debit card option, you will need to obtain your own debit card. Cards may typically be purchased for about $5.00 at many big box retailers, gas stations and drug stores. Some cards are also available online. Reloadable debit cards work like traditional debit cards in that they may receive direct deposits and available funds may be used to make everyday purchases, pay bills, transfer money, etc. Some cards have associated fees and requirements so you should take time to research the best card for you​.