Nurse Aide 75 Hour (Basic)

This course prepares the student to work in a nursing home, home health care agency, group home and/or hospital. The first 45 hours of the course are held in a classroom/lab and the remaining 30 hours of clinical will be in a nursing home. You will give resident/patient care under the supervision of your instructor At the end of this course, you must take the Direct Care Worker Registry written and skills exam to be eligible for employment.
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Current Course Schedule​


CRNSectionStart DateEnd DateDaysClass TimeCampusBldg/Room
10976A108/26/2010/20/20TRTHEORY web-blended format; LAB 9/3-10/1/2020, 8a-12:15p, R; CLINICAL 10/6-10/20/2020, 8a-2:30p, TRAnkeny24/301,303
10977A208/26/2010/19/20MWTHEORY web-blended format; LAB 9/2-9/30/2020, 8a-12:15p, W; CLINICAL 10/5-10/19/2020, 8a-2:30p MWAnkeny24/301,303
10978A310/02/2012/17/20MTHEORY web-blended format; LAB 10/12-11/9/2020, 8a-12:15p, M; CLINICAL 11/16-12/17/2020 8a-2:30, MAnkeny24/301,303
10979A608/26/2011/09/20MWTHEORY web-blended format; LAB 9/16-10/7/2020, 4:30p-9:30p, W; CLINICAL 10/14-11/9/2020, 4:30p-9:30p, MWAnkeny24/301,303
10985A708/26/2011/09/20TRTHEORY web-blended format; LAB 9/3-10/1/2020, 5-9:30p, R; CLINICAL 10/6-11/5/2020, 5p-9:30p, TRAnkeny24/301,303
11175B108/26/2011/09/20TRTHEORY web-blended format; LAB 9/3-10/1/2020, 4p-9p R; CLINICAL 10/6-11/5/2020, 4p-9p, TRBoone1/158, 162
10994C109/14/2010/11/20MTRFSUTHEORY web-blended format; LAB 9/14-9/29/2020, 6:15a-7:45a, MTRF; CLINICAL 10/3-10/11/2020, 5:45a-2:15p,SU Carroll1/130
12734N108/26/2011/06/20TRSTHEORY web-blended format; LAB 9/8-10/17/2020, 4:30p-8:30p TR, 8a-11:30a, S; CLINICAL 10/17-11/9/2020, 4:30p-8:30p TR, 8a-11:30p, SNewton1/251
15036S108/26/2011/09/20TRTHEORY web-blended format; LAB 9/3-10/1/2020, 5p-9:30p R; CLINICAL 10/6-11/9/2020, 5p-9:30p, TRSouthridgeDSOUTH/18
11181U108/26/2011/09/20FTHEORY web-blended format; LAB 9/4-10/2/2020, 8a-12:15p, R; CLINICAL 10/9-11/9/2020, 8a-2:30p, FUrbanDCC/212, 246
12995W108/26/2009/16/20MTWRFTHEORY web-blended format; LAB 9/1-9/8/2020, 8a-11:30a, TR; CLINICAL 9/9-9/16/2020, 8a-2:30p, MTWRFWest1/207W
12996W210/05/2010/26/20MTWRFTHEORY web-blended format; LAB 10/7-10/14/2020, 8a-11:30p, MW; CLINICAL 10/19-10/26/2020, 8a-2:30p, MTWRFWest1/207W

​​​​​Days Abbreviations: M=Monday, T=Tuesday, W=Wednesday, R=Thursday, F=Friday, S=Saturday, U=Sunday

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Please note: class schedules are subject to change at any time. 

Prerequisites can be Submitted Now! Nurse Aide Online Registration Starts 8/3/2020 at 8 a.m.


Submitting Nurse Aide Prerequisites: See Steps 1, 2, and 3 below. Once your forms are approved, you will receive more information about Online Registration.

Step 1 - DMACC Application For Admission

You must have an accepted DMACC Application for Admission on file (this means within the last 3 years you have been accepted to DMACC or been enrolled).  

If you do not currently have an active application on file, you must complete an online DMACC application and select one of the following: 

  1. “Nurse Aide” as your major if you only plan on taking Nurse Aide classes 
  2. “Nursing (RN) – AAS” as your major if you are taking Nurse Aide courses as a pre-requisite for one of DMACC’s Nursing program.  
  3. “Practical Nursing (LPN) – Diploma” as your major if you are taking Nurse Aide courses as a pre-requisite for our LPN program.

» Application link

Step 2 - Online Prerequisite Forms

The following forms can be done completely online.   Click on link below to access form.

​Link to Online FormDescription
» Iowa Core Performance Standards Read closely and sign electronically if you are able to complete all of the duties listed.
» Notice & Release of Criminal Background Check This form gives DMACC permission to run the required background check for you.  Students do not have to run background checks on their own.
» Criminal History Record Check

DMACC will run a background check on every last name you have had in your life (ex: maiden, married, adopted, etc.).  When filling out this form, pay close attention to the “Do you have previous last name(s)?” question.   If you have had more than one last name it will prompt you to list them there.

Criminal convictions or documented history of abuse may prevent students from participating in clinical education experience.   Students unable to participate in clinical education will be unable to complete the course requirements.

​» Course Acknowledgement Form

Read closely and sign electronically that you understand and agree to the course requirements for attendance, etc.

Step 3 – Online Prerequisite Forms Requiring Uploading of Document

The following forms have an additional form or document that will need to be uploaded along with completing the online form.  See chart for details.

Link to Online FormDescriptionForm/Document to Complete Before Doing Online Form
» Record of TB Testing

All students must provide proof that they do not have active TB by having this form completed by your doctor.   You may choose to have two skin tests or one TB blood test.  Form must be complete before uploading.  Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

  • Skin tests: You MUST have TWO TB tests administered and read by a physician. There must be a minimum of 7 days between the date the first TB test is administered and when the second TB test is administered. 
  • Quantiferon Gold or T-spot TB blood tests are also acceptable, if your provider offers them. A copy of blood test lab results are required. 
  • If you have a positive test, you will need to have and submit a report from a chest x-ray.  See form for details. 

Scan and upload your completed Record of TB Testing Form

» Download printable copy of TB Testing form to be completed by your healthcare provider

» Flu Vaccine Form Proof of Flu Vaccine is required if you are taking a class that meets anytime from October 1 thru May 31.  Take this form with you to the location where you get your flu shot and have the provider fill it out, documenting that you received your shot.

Scan and upload your completed Flu Vaccine Form

» Download printable copy of Flu Vaccine form to be completed by your healthcare provider


Please watch this video for instructions on How to Complete and Submit the Prerequisite Packet.

​Prerequisite Packet must be submitted and approved prior to online registration.
Online registratio​n closes three days prior to start of class. 


Application & Registration

Students who wish to register for the nurse aide courses will need ​to apply for admission, be accepted at DMACC, and complete prerequisite packet prior to enrolling in the courses.    


We will only accept completed packets. Packets can be submitted two ways only:

  • Scan full completed packet and email to from your DMACC email address, or
  • Deliver packet in person to the DMACC Ankeny Campus Building 24, Room 308. (Note: packets will not be accepted in person at any other location.)