Graphic Design Program

​​It begins in the mind . . . as a feeling, an expression, a warmth. Small at first, it builds to creation. Real. Possible. A potentially powerful design ready for explosion into life, message and meaning.

The graduates of the DMACC Graphic Design Degree program advance in pushing their ideas beyond the boundaries of the mind. They can unleash their thoughts and construct those ideas with precision and grace.

Develop your artistic gift. Explore new directions. Use your time for the important. Creativity. Thinking. Experimenting. IT IS TIME! See what DMACC can do for your artistic career and portfolio.

What We Offer

If you are interested in turning your passion for art into a career, or learning new skills, we offer:

  • A hands-on education
  • Design, Page layout, Adobe Photoshop image editing, Adobe Illustrator, Flash Animation, Illustration, Typography, and Web Design
  • Taught by professionals
  • State-of-the-art computer hardware and software
  • Culminating in a personal portfolio and AAS degree
  • At a price you can afford.

Sound Interesting?

This site contains crucial information you need to take the next step—building a professional quality portfolio and earning a DMACC Graphic Design degree, diploma, or certificate.

Student Testimonial

DMACC Graphic Design Degree student Yuuki Matsuyama

​Yuuki Matsuyama

Graphic Design '17
As a graphic design student I really love that my instructors have had experience designing for a firm or are freelancing because it gives them insight into the industry. They’re always learning as well and telling you about all the new developments in the field so as another creative that’s really exciting for me. You can tell that they’re passionate about what they’re teaching.