Chronicle of Higher Education

DMACC Faculty are eligible to sign up for various Chronicle newsletters. The news​​letters are delivered via e-mail.


  • From your (on-campus) computer go to our Chronicle subscription homepage
  • At the bottom of the Chronicle homepage, in the dark horizontal bar, click on the "Get Newsletters" link
  • The subsequent Newsletters page describes the newsletters published by the Chronicle
  • Use the "SIGN UP NOW" link associated with the newsletter that interests you
  • The subsequent page is the "My Account" page

If you regularly access the Chronicle from off-campus, you may already have created a free personal account. If so login in on this page


If you have not created a free personal account, click on the pale blue "Create a Free Account" button in the middle of the screen and ​create an account

After signing in, you will see your profile and the "Profile and Settings" tab will be selected. Included in that same tab is an "E-Newsletters" link. Click on that link and then click on the light blue "Subscribe" button for the newsletter(s) of your choice.​