Completing Financial Aid Requirements

Completing Your Financial Aid Requirements


Go to and click on myDMACC.



After you have signed into myDMACC, click on the Student Tab.

Student Tab


Click on Financial Aid Dashboard.

Financial Aid Dashboard


After reaching the Homepage, select the appropriate Aid Year from the dropdown menu.

Aid Year


If you have the Additional Documentation requirement, you will have to complete the following steps: 

Additional Documentation


Click on the link in the Additional Documentation requirement and sign in using your DMACC email address (including the "") and your password.

Additional Documentation Sign In

If this is the first time you’ve accessed this page, you will be asked to confirm your name, date of birth and social security number. These items must match what you reported on your FAFSA.


Click on the tile that needs action.

Needs action


Click on the arrow to expand the task. Click the Fill Out button to complete the form.

Fill-out button


When you have completed all tasks and submitted all requested  documents, click the Blue Submit button.

Submit Button


After all tasks have been completed, click the blue Finish button.

Finish Button



Verification​​ is the process of reviewing a student’s FAFSA for accuracy. If you are selected for verification, you will be asked to provide additional information.  The Financial Aid Office will help you through this process by identifying what forms you need to complete, or what documents you need to provide.  You will be notified on your DMACC email and be asked to login to the online document porta​l to view requirements if you are selected for verification.


IRS Tax Information

The IRS Data Retrieval Tool (IRS DRT) is available to use to import your tax information from the IRS into your FAFSA. The IRS DRT remains the fastest, most accurate way to input your tax return information into the FAFSA form. You can access the IRS DRT from your FAFSA.

If you are not able to use the IRS DRT you can provide a signed copy of your federal 1040 and supporting tax schedules.  Or you can request a Tax Return Transcript free of charge from the IRS in one of four ways.​


  • Online Request:  Go to the IRS website and select "Get Transcript Online". (Be sure to disable pop‐up blockers).
  • Mail Request:  Go to the IRS website and select "Get Transcript by Mail".
  • Paper Request:  Download a PDF for the 4506‐T.
  • Telephone Request:  Call the IRS at 1‐800‐908‐9946​

Submitted Electronically to DMACC through Banner 
Self Service:

  • Amended Federal Tax Returns
  • Assets Information
  • Citizenship Verification (passport, naturalization 
    papers, I-94, etc.)
  • Confirmation of Active Duty
  • Default Paperwork (documents identifying that your federal student loans are no longer in active default)
  • Dependency Override Appeal
  • Disability Forms
  • Family Contribution Appeal
  • GED/High School Transcript/Home School Certificate
  • Homeless Documentation
  • Household Size Form
  • Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose
  • Legal Guardianship or Ward of Court Documentation 
    Marital Status Documentation
  • Parent Non-Filing Letter from or Non-Filing Form
  • Parents’ Signed Federal Tax Return or Tax Return 
    Transcript (, Get Your Tax Record)
  • Parent Unwilling to Provide Information
  • Parents’ W2s or Wage and Income Transcript from
  • Social Security Card (provide copy of yours or parents’ Social Security card)
  • Spouse Non-Filing Letter from or Non-Filing Form
    Spouse’s W2s or Wage and Income Transcript from
  • Student Non-Filing Letter from or Non-Filing Form
  • Student Signed Federal Tax Return or Tax Return 
    Transcript (, Get Your Tax Record)
  • Student W2s or Wage and Income Transcript from
  • Unusual Enrollment History Review
  • Verification Form 

Below are additional forms that may have been requested. These cannot be completed online, but are available as PDF’s on DMACC’s Financial Aid webpage under Financial Aid Forms (

  • Bankruptcy Review Form
  • Foreign Tax Form, Parent(s)
  • Foreign Tax Form, Student/Spouse
  • Satisfactory Academic Process Appeal
  • Loan Change Form, maximum amount to ask for $______  (this DMACC form may be completed electronically).

These items are to be completed on the Federal Student Aid website (

  • Student Signature
  • Parent Signature
  • Loan Entrance Counseling
  • Master Promissory Note

You will need to submit any paper forms or documents to your local campus either in person, via DMACC email, by fax, or by mailing them to:

DMACC Financial Aid Office
2006 S Ankeny Blvd
Ankeny, IA 50023
Fax: 515-965-7124

You must use your DMACC email account when emailing forms to the Financial Aid Office.