Authorization to Credit Account

If your Title IV financial aid is in excess of Des Moines Area Community College's charges for tuition and fees (a credit balance), you authorize this excess to be applied to other allowable educationally related charges other than tuition, fees, and room and board to include books and supplies purchased at the DMACC bookstore. You authorize financial aid to be used to pay other non-institutional charges to include parking fines, housing damages charges, library fines, etc. You authorize financial aid to be used to pay up to $200 in prior-year other educationally-related charges. This authorization will remain in effect until rescinded by providing written notice to the DMACC Financial Aid Department. You understand that charging books and other supplies in the DMACC bookstore will reduce the amount that you receive in a credit balance. If, for any reason, your financial aid funds are not received, you understand that payment for book and supplies costs incurred at the bookstore will be your responsibility. YOU UNDERSTAND THAT THIS AUTHORIZATION IS VALID DURI​NG YOUR ENTIRE PERIOD OF ENROLLMENT AT DMACC OR NOTIFY THE FINANCIAL AID DEPA​RTMENT IN WRITING. Cancellation is not retroactive.​