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DMACC Diversity & Inclusion
Diversity Commission

The Diversity Commission is committed to including and supporting the diverse members of DMACC's community. Here, you'll find recordings and materials from past Diversity Commission events as well as links to upcoming events.

​​Diversity and Inclusion Webinar
Reyma McCoy Hyten
April 13, 2022
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DEI Related Funding or Events Requests:

If you have an idea for a speaker, want to request some swag, or would like to request funding from the Diversity Commission, please contact a Diversity Commission member​ for the Dynamic Form. In this form, please fill it out with all the necessary information for the request. Once this form is submitted, the chair of the events/partnership subcommittee will be in contact about the next steps.

To ensure there is enough time to review each request and respond accordingly, there are deadlines for each type of request. Failure to meet these deadlines or submitting an incomplete form may result in the commission declining the request. The deadlines are:

  • Speaker Request: 3 months in advance
  • Example: There is a specific speaker or organization you’d like to see present on campus or virtually
  • Sponsored Event/Swag: 2 months in advance
  • Example: A DMACC faculty member who is bringing in a speaker to their class to discuss a DEI topic requests that the commission purchase copies of the speaker’s book as giveaways for the event
  • Funding Request: 3 weeks in advance
  • Example: The DMACC Celebration of Literary Arts requests funding of $500 to help sponsor the event

Any questions about this process, please email the Diversity Commission at diversitycommission@dmacc.edu​