How to Apply for Accommodations

​​​​Students start the process of requesting accommodations by completing the Application for Accommodation and then submitting both the application and disability documentation to the Disability Services Coordinator.


1. Where do I find an Application for Accommodation?

An Application for Accommodation may be completed online, or a paper application may be printed and submitted to the Disability Services Coordinator.

Paper applications are also available on the Ankeny Campus in Building 1 at the information desk; in the Disability Services Office in Building 6, Room 10; or from campus counselors/advisors or any campus
contact liaison.

To receive an application by mail, call (515) 964-6850 or (515) 964-6234.

2. What are some tips on completing the application?

For the best outcome, all sections on the application should be completed before submitting the form to the Disability Services Coordinator.


  1. General Information:

    Provide the requested information, being sure to include your DMACC 900# and your most current contact information.

  2. Please Explain:

    Describe the nature of your disability (learning, mental health, physical, etc.), how the disability impacts your learning both inside and outside the classroom, and then indicate your requested accommodations.

  3. Read the Statement of Agreement

  4. Completing the Statement of Consent to Share Information:

    This section is Optional. If you do not wish to share your information then leave this section blank. By signing this consent, you are giving the Disability Services office permission to release/exchange information with specific third parties outside of DMACC. You should specify the third party by full name and their relationship to you, for example: parent, caseworker, healthcare provider, etc. If your circumstances change your responsibility to contact the Disability Services Office.

  5. Sign or Submit:

    Click the submit button for the online application for accommodation. For the paper application please print your name, sign, and date the application.

3. Can my parent, spouse, friend, caseworker, etc. complete my application for accommodation?

No. The student needs to complete the application for accommodation.

If the student needs assistance with completing the application, please contact Jennifer Argo, Disability Services Coordinator, at (515) 964-6850 or at

4. When should I complete the Application for Accommodation?

The best practice is to complete the application before the beginning of the semester in which you plan to enroll; otherwise, complete the application as early in the semester as possible to allow sufficient time to coordinate and implement the necessary accommodations.

5. What is documentation and why is it needed?

Documentation of a Disability. Disability Services Office considers documentation a written, qualified professional evaluation, which identifies a disability that substantially limits a major life area, for the expressed outcome of determining appropriate and reasonable accommodations. The documentation should identify the disability, its effects on learning and academic performance, and the types of accommodations recommended. Disability Services also considers as documentation written information of past accommodations received in similar situations such as Individual Education Plans (IEP), Summary of Performance plans (SOP), or Support for Accommodation Request forms (SAR). In cases where the documentation does not support the requested accommodation(s), the Disability Services Coordinator may request further substantiating documentation.​​

6. Is it helpful to schedule a time to meet with the Disability Services Coordinator?

Yes. Meeting with the Disability Services Coordinator to review your application and discuss accommodations is helpful in ensuring that you have the accommodations you need.

7. How do I know when my application process is complete?

The Disability Services Coordinator will consider the application process complete when both the application and the documentation are received. You will be notified by mail if your application process is incomplete.

8. How long will it take for my application to be processed?

Once your application and documentation are received, the application process will be completed within ten (10) working days.

9. How will I receive notification of granted accommodations?

You will be notified by mail or an alternate means at your request by the Disability Services Coordinator.

10. What if I wish to appeal any decision made by the Disability Services Coordinator?

Review the DMACC policy ES 4610 for information regarding the appeal process regarding decisions made by the Disability Services Coordinator.

11. What are the next steps after the accommodations have been granted?

Once you receive a letter granting accommodations submit your class schedule printed from the DMACC Web Info system to the Disability Services/Advising Office at your attending campus. Letters outlining your accommodations will be available for you to pick up within 3-4 days to submit to your instructors. Schedule a time to meet with your instructor and provide your instructor with the letter from the Disability Services Office.

12. When do my accommodations go into effect?

Accommodations are effective when you present each instructor with an accommodation letter. Accommodations are not retroactive; if you wait to give the letters to your instructors, be aware that you cannot go back and re-take exams.

13. Now that I have a file in the Disability Services Office, who will be able to see it?

All of your information is kept in a secured file in the office of the Disability Services Coordinator. Only information regarding granted accommodations will be shared with your instructor(s). All other information in your file, especially disability documentation, will be held in confidence and will not be released without your informed and written consent as per the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

The DMACC Disability Services Coordinator, Sign Language Interpreters, and/or Disability Services Office staff will have access to your accommodation file, as well as academic and other records of the College, and will maintain confidentiality at all times. It may be necessary for these individuals to release/exchange information with other DMACC staff with a legitimate interest regarding your education; however, disability specific information will not be released without your written consent.

14. Will I need to reapply each semester?

No. Once you apply, your information will remain on file at DMACC. You will need to submit your class schedule each semester for instructor letters.