Working With DBR

​​​What is it like working with DMACC Business Resources? Click on the stories below to learn how businesses have benefited from our expertise. 

Des Moines Truck Brokers Transitions to Allen Lund Company

​​​When Jimmy DeMatteis was first introduced to DMACC Business Resources (DBR), he wasn’t thinking of his own future retirement or legacy, but he was thinking of the future of his business, Des Moines Truck Brokers, and of the future for his employees. “If you are a small business looking to grow, you need to be looking at the forest, not the trees,” said DeMatteis. In this case, the forest he was looking at the afternoon he decided to reach out to DBR, was the opportunity to hire more employees and train them using funds through the Iowa Industrial New Jobs Training (260E) program... Read more​​​