DMACC Student Orientation

Note: If you are a Spring late start student,
please sign into myDMACC and then Blackboard to complete your Spring orientation.


Get Ready to ROAR with us!

After your application for admission is accepted and orientation season begins, you will receive an email with orientation information. We know you might have some questions in the meantime, and we hope to answer those for you here.

What is orientation?

Get an Overview
Get Advised
Get Registered


Are you Ready? DMACC has many different locations and programs, so orientations vary depending on your educational goals. You will be sent details regarding your specific orientation process after your admissions application is accepted and the orientation season opens. Regardless of what format your orientation is in, you will always complete the following steps.

Get an Overview of DMACC. The orientation experience begins in Blackboard, where you will learn general information about the college such as available clubs and organizations, satisfactory academic progress, how to pay for college, parking information, housing, and much, much more.

Get Advised. Your academic advisor will provide you with helpful information about your specific academic program such as potential careers in the area, materials you might need, what classes to take, transfer information, and more. The campus or center you are attending as well as your academic program will determine whether advising information will be provided online in Blackboard or at an on-campus event. You will be informed of how you will receive your advising information when you first sign in to Blackboard during the Get an Overview phase of orientation.

Get Registered. After you have reviewed general college and advising information, you will register for classes. The location you are attending and your academic program will determine whether you can register online or on campus with an advisor. You will be informed of your registration process in Blackboard during the Get an Overview phase of orientation.

When does orientation season begin?

  • Fall Orientation Season—Opens in mid-April​
  • Spring Orientation Season—Opens in late October
  • Summer Orientation Season—Opens in mid-March

When should I expect my orientation email?

Once orientation season is open, emails are generated approximately 24 hours after an admissions application is moved into an “accepted” status (excluding some weekends).

More questions? That's okay!

We know the process of starting college or changing programs can bring up lots of questions. We’re here to help. Please review some of our frequently asked questions below.


What Campus Will You Be Attending:

IMPORTANT: Please select the campus indicated on your admissions application for orientation information.  If you need to update your campus location, please contact admissions at 515-965-7337 or before proceeding with the orientation sign-up process.

Ames Student Orientation 
Ankeny Student Orientation 
Boone Student Orientation 
Carroll Student Orientation 
Newton Student Orientation 
Perry Student Orientation 
Southridge Student Orientation 
Urban Student Orientation 
West Student Orientation 
Online Student Orientation 
Other Locations Student Orientation