Credit for Prior Learning

​DMACC offers credit for prior learning opportunities for students with advanced skills or knowledge in related fields to their program of study. These advanced skills could be gained through work experience, military experience or training, business and industry training, certifications or credentials earned, or previous learning experiences. To determine if you are eligible to receive credit for prior learning, consider these questions:

  • Have you received a certificate or credential from participating in a workshop, industry training or seminar?
  • Are you a member or veteran of the Armed Service?
  • Have you received training through DMACC’s Business Resources (DBR) or Continuing Education?
  • Have you taken courses through DMACC’s Workforce Training Academy (WTA)?
  • Do you have past experiences or skills applicable to your program of study that you would like to explore to see if you could receive alternative credit?

Students who would like to learn more about the process can review the policy here or speak with their academic advisor or program department chairperson.