Undecided Students

​​​What does it mean to be an undecided student?

If you have not chosen a program or major yet, you are an undecided or undeclared student.

You are not alone! Approximately 75% of students entering college are undecided about their academic major or goals. Statistics show that the likelihood of graduation is greater for students who begin their college education undeclared, and later choose a major. You are being practical by keeping your options open!

What is our goal?

  • Connect you to the college and assist with managing your academic career.
  • Provide the information and guidance you need as you declare a program/major.
  • Support individual exploration of interests, skills, values, abilities and decision-​making.

What does it look like to be an undecided student?

Visit a DMACC campus

Experience DMACC before you attend.

Discover DMACC Days
Discover DMACC Days gives you the chance to experience DMACC first hand. High school students are encouraged to come spend a morning or evening with us, learn about programs, financial aid, student life and take a tour.

Career Discovery Days
Get a taste of various career fields before you enter college. High schoolers and their parents are encouraged to attend these free events.

Returning to Learning
Thinking about working toward a new career? Let DMACC help you get started in an hour.

Take a Tour
Get on campus and see what DMACC is all about. Individual tours are available at all DMACC Campuses.

Campus Maps/Directions
Want to know more about our campuses? Our DMACC Campus Location area includes campus maps, building maps and directions.

Career Exploration Workshop or Program Info Session
We offer a number of workshops to help you choose a career path and specific program information sessions to introduce you to a program.
» Check our events calendar for upcoming sessions.

Virtual Tours
Take a virtual tour of the DMACC campuses.

Additional Resources

Download our college viewbook

Download our campus tour brochure

Take the first step. Apply as an undecided student now.

Apply online here. Applying is free and easy.

If you have questions, contact the Info Center at 515-964-6200.

Let them know you're trying to apply as an undecided student.

Lauren's testimonial 

When I graduated high school, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, so I went to DMACC for one year, and that gave me the opportunity to think about what I wanted to do with my future while not having to pay a ton of money by going to a university. While I was there, I found out more about their specific programs and chose Respiratory Therapy. I love it.

—Lauren Nelson


Mark's testimonial 
My e​xperience at DMACC has opened my eyes to careers and opportunities I would have never dreamed of being a part of. It’s because of DMACC and the faculty here that I am on the career path that I am. I enjoy the small class sizes and the working relationships you build with professors.

—Mark Sinnwell


Paige's testimonial 
I chose DMACC because I knew while I was there they would help me figure out what career I wanted. All the teachers there helped me a lot and they care about their students a lot.

—Paige Mechura​


Joniqua's testimonial 
I like Liberal Arts because sometimes you go into college and you haven’t yet decided, and you’re able to explore different things and take different electives and if you like it you can pursue it more.

—Joniqua Clark 



Mitchell's testimonial 
I wanted to take classes that I wasn’t sure if I would like or not to see if it would lead me to a different path. I wasn’t sure where it would take me, but I found engineering.

—Mitchell Hagar


Brianna's testimonial 
I didn’t really know what career I wanted. DMACC’s a good way to help you choose that. It’s a good way to get your gen eds done.

—Brianna Hagar