Keynote Speakers

Sarah Wessling-Brown
Sarah Brown-Wessling
Johnston High School
2010 National Teacher of the Year

Keynote: The Let-Go that Gets More: Creating Classroom Culture that Empowers

Letting go is never easy, especially when we are so determined to help our students succeed. Even though it can feel counter-intuitive, giving the classroom to our learners makes for much more effective teaching.

Together we'll explore how to letting go of some things will help create a classroom culture where group work is productive and helps our learners flourish.


Leonard Geddes
Leonard Geddes
Creator of the LearnWell Projects

Keynote: Complementary Instruction: Creating Conditions for Developing Student Learning and Life Skills

The session highlights the often overlooked intersections between school learning, and professional and life skills. Attendees will explore important factors that link these spheres and learn how instruction can impart transferable skills that position learners for success across all three sectors.