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Ankeny Theatre 


The Simon Estes School of Fine Arts at DMACC

​​What’s Playing

Willy Beau Dilly by Jayme McGhan

A world premiere radio play for Summer 2020.​​​

Dire​cted by Carl Lindberg​

Willy Beau Dilly will be released in four parts as an audio only experience. Like a podcast serial. McGhan's charming characters and intricately woven plot address class, culture, and love with a humorous touch. You won't regret journeying with the play's unlikely hero as he simply tries to do the right thin​g in the disparate economic climate of the 1890's ​Midwest.

DMACC Ankeny Theatre is not proactively offering content ratings of shows as sensitivities vary amongst individuals and between families. For more information about any of our productions, please write to

Performance Venue​​

Black Box Theater
Black Box Theatre


The Black Box Theatre (added in 2016) is a flexible space that can be configured for many types of staging styles. When used in conjunction with a theatrical stage there is flexible seating for up to 200. The Black Box is located within Building 5 near the center of campus and can be accessed from Lots M, K and L.

Program Information

Whether you are fulfilling general education credits with fun and engaging coursework or interested in becoming a professional in the field of theatre or film while minimizing student loan debt, DMACC’s Ankeny campus drama program is the perfect jumping off point.​


Theatre Transfer Major

Interested ​in starting your Theatre education at DMACC then transferring? Check out our transfer major.


DRA 101 - Introduction to Theatre
DRA 125 - *Introduction to Play Analysis
DRA 130​ - **Acting I 
DRA 132 - Acting II
DRA 134 - Improvisational Acting
DRA 139 - Acting for the Camera
DRA 143 - The Business of Acting
DRA 148 - Voice & Movement
DRA 162 - Technical Theatre
DRA 201 - Fundamental Arts Management
DRA 222 - Performing Shakespeare
DRA 223 - Performing Musical Theatre
DRA 250 - Directing
DRA 252 - Playwriting
Rehearsal and Performance: Practical experience on stage and backstage. Students will be involved in all stages of production from auditions to final performance.
DRA 180​ - Theatre Lab I
DRA 181 - Theatre Lab II
DRA 280 - Theatre Lab III
DRA 281 - Theatre Lab IV
*DRA 125, Introduction to Play Analysis, is a prerequisite for DRA 250, Directing, and a prerequisite or corequisite for DRA 252, Playwriting.
**DRA 130, Acting I, is a prerequisite for DRA 132 - Acting II, DRA 143 - The Business of Acting, and DRA 222 - Performing Shakespeare.

For questions about the DMACC Ankeny Theatre program please email Program Chair, Carl Lindberg at​.

Theatre Program ​Mission Statement

To provide quality, free, professionally-oriented educational theatre that is relevant and transcendent in order to empower the campus community in their pursuit of life’s opportunities.
DMACC Ankeny Theatre will improve the quality of life for individuals in its communities by meeting their cultural, artistically educational, and theatre training needs throughout their lives.
  • Excellence
  • Empathy
  • Creativity
  • Inclusiveness
  • Integrity

Please email for more information about the Theatre Program at DMACC.

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