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Summer is a great semester to continue your program of study, take a few classes while you're home for the summer, or explore a n​ew career path! Apply Now!

To register for a summer class, students are highly encouraged to first meet with an academic advisor.

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​If you are attending another college or university and want to take classes that transfer back, apply as a Guest Student.

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Financial aid may be available to qualified students to help cover the cost of your education during the summer term. For additional information visit DMACC’s Summer Financi​al Aid webpage.​​​


What Our Summer Students Say


I took my two online classes through DMACC and they were wonderful! The [professors] were helpful whenever I asked a question, everything was spelled out in the syllabus, and they have grades in the gradebook right away! I would recommend DMACC to anyone.


My summer experience as a guest student at DMACC has been fantastic. Faculty and staff are very willing to work with me and my schedule from my main college. DMACC is also extremely affordable. Overall, I have had an amazing experience as a guest student at DMACC and I'm really impressed. Thank you!


My DMACC online class was very informative and the instructor very helpful. The resources available to us and the feedback we received were always positive and productive. Being a guest student in this summer class helped me excel through my major and so far the transfer of transcripts has been easy.


As a mom of two young kids, I can only take a few classes at a time and taking a couple of classes this summer will help me stay on track for my anticipated graduation date.


I took two summer classes at DMACC because it is cheaper than my university. I also plan to take classes because I want to make sure I graduate in four years and taking summer classes helps make certain of that. DMACC has been so helpful.


Summer should not be wasted doing nothing when it’s so easy to take another class or two. I was awarded financial aid for the summer term so it would be a waste not to use it to take a couple of classes.


Putting in the extra work in the summer will help me achieve my graduation goal much faster. I will be even closer to having the degree I need to get the job I want.


I’m taking DMACC classes this summer in order to help me receive my Bachelor’s degree from the University of Iowa. Taking summer classes at DMACC has put me into position to receive my BA in only three years.


I’ve had a great experience with DMACC summer classes. It started with a 10-day course with Mr. Sean Taylor (Boone Campus), who kept the class interesting and relevant, all while teaching us about sociology. Following [that], my two online classes, Chemistry 105 and Astronomy 152. Both had wonderful instructors who were extremely easy to communicate with, and learn from. Both courses also had interesting content with specific deadlines. DMACC has been wonderful as a whole [this summer]. Highly recommend.


My experience has been nothing but positive. I loved getting a chance to experience a much smaller [environment] than the University of Iowa, which is where I attend now. I loved all of the other students and made quite a few friends from the small class I was a part of. The professor was also great and cared about making the class possible to learn from while it still was challenging. Would definitely recommend to anyone else looking [to take summer classes.]


I had a great experience with a summer online class at DMACC. The subject was pharmacology and was not offered at my school for the summer. I was fortunate to find it at DMACC. I was even more fortunate that the instructor was so great. Dr. Tony Guerra provided expert video lectures, PowerPoints, authored a companion book for the course and selected an outstanding textbook that will serve me well into the future. His method of presentation and manner of relaying the information in an understandable fashion was outstanding.


I took a five-week chemistry course. At first I was feeling overwhelmed because my last chemistry class was many years ago and I really struggled. However, the helpful [DMACC professor] did a great job explaining the topics and even brought some things down to layman’s terms, which helped spark my interest and helped me better understand the topic. I did much better in class than I thought I would. I really understood the content. I’m glad I chose DMACC and recommend it to anyone I know pursuing higher education.


I had a good experience with DMACC’s summer [term]. The online class I took was set up in a way that made it easy for me to work full time and still manage to do the classwork. The instructor allowed us to work on the units at our own pace, while still being organized and having clear due dates.


My experience with DMACC’s summer term has allowed me an opportunity to grow more as a person–to fully involve myself into academia but also learn more about topics that interest me. DMACC became a vital part in my student career and I thank my professors and the college for that.


My experience with the DMACC summer term was [positive] as it helped me advance my education by providing me a credible,, inexpensive and efficient place to take classes. Due to my experience with DMACC summer classes, I will be taking another online class this fall as well as several more in the upcoming years. I am very happy with my decision to take DMACC classes and am very satisfied with my experience.​