​​​Waitlist Overview

  • Waitlist is a feature which allows a student to add themselves to a waitlist in a course that has met its maximum enrollment limit.
  • A student attempts to enroll in a closed course that has the Waitlist option
  • The student can choose to be added to the Waitlist
    • If student elects to Waitlist, this does not mean they are registered
  • A seat may become available due to an enrolled student dropping the course
    • The student first in line on the waitlist is notified via DMACC email 
    • The student then has 24 hours to complete the registration process 
    • The student may then register for the course on myDMACC
    • If student decides not to register (either drops the waitlisted course or the time expires), the next student in line is notified.

Waitlist Guidelines​

  • Waitlisting is based on a first-come, first-served basis
  • A waitlisted student does not have a guaranteed seat in the course. He/she has a spot held “in line,” should a seat become available.
  • Waitlisting does not mean the student is officially registered in the course.
  • Registration error checking still applies before students can be added to a waitlist.
  • The student in the first position will be notified via automatic email notification to the student's DMACC EMAIL once a seat becomes available. Then, the student will have 24 hours to register.
  • Students are not automatically registered for the course when a seat becomes available. They must register for the course via myDMACC.
  • If a student does not register for the course during the 24-hour notification period, they will be automatically dropped from the waitlist, and the next person is notified.
  • Waitlisting ends 2​ days prior to the start of the part-of-term in which the course is held.

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