Student FAQs


Toward the end of each semester, watch for important End of Term Information on the myDMACC homepage and Student area.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a copy of my final grades?

DMACC students can view final grades by logging into myDMACC and going to the Web Information System.

  1. ​Select Student Services
  2. Select Student Records
  3. Select Final Grades

How do I get help with my user name, password and PIN?

Call Tech Support at 515-965-7300 or 1-800-362-2127 ext. 7300

Why is there no grade for my class, even though it’s over?

DMACC allows instructors several days after a class is completed for grading. Grades are then electronically submitted to the Registrar’s Office. If it has been a week since the course ended, contact your instructor to see if grades have been submitted.

What if I disagree with my final grade?

Contact the instructor with your concerns. If resolution cannot be made, students may appeal according to DMACC policy.

Can I get a transcript if I have a hold on my account?

Transcripts will not be released until delinquent accounts have been paid.

Can I get my transcript the day class ends?

No. Instructors have several days to electronically submit their grades to the Registrar’s Office for processing. Transcripts are held for current session grades or degrees if specified on the student transcript request form and are mailed approximately two weeks after the end of term.

When should I order my transcript?

If you are graduating from the most recent term and would like your degree on your transcript, please wait 3-4 business days after grades have been posted to request your transcript. To verify your degree has been awarded please view your unofficial transcript on the Web Info System.

If you would like grades from the most recent term on your transcript please verify that grades have been posted before requesting it on the Web Info System.

How long does it take a transcript to be processed?

When a student formally requests a transcript, the transcript is mailed out within 3 to 4 business days if the student’s account is current. Transcripts will not be released until delinquent accounts have been paid.

How long will it take for a transcript to reach another institution?

After you have requested your transcript from DMACC and it has been processed, it will be mailed. Mailing times vary, depending on their destination. Please note that transcript intake processing times at receiving institutions may cause delays. The institution may have received the transcript, but not yet processed it. Please allow a couple weeks for this process to be completed. For efficiency, please contact the receiving institution first.

How do I request an official transcript sent to me?

Official transcript requests are mailed directly to an institute, agency or employer. Official transcripts are NOT issued to a student. Transcripts that are mailed or picked up by students are stamped with the words “Issued to student.”

Does my transcript have the DMACC seal?

DMACC College credit transcripts are printed on security paper that does not require a raised seal to be official.

Why does my transcript say “In Progress”?

A class is still in session and has not yet ended, or the instructor has not yet assigned a grade.