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Class Location & Registration

1. Where are classes held? Can I get a map?

Classes are held at the Advanced Technology Center in Ankeny, Iowa. A map, address, and phone numbers are available on the Contact page.

2. Who do I talk to about registering for a class?

If you meet the requirements you can register for a class on the web at www.dmacc.edu. If you would like to talk to admissions, call (515) 965-7337 or (800) 362-2127 Extension 7337.

Class Information

1. What classes are offered, and what are the pre-requisites?

See Certificate, Degree and Diploma pages on the navigation for this website.

2. Do you teach digital photography?


3. Do you offer a degree in Photography?


Camera & Supplies Information

1. What kind of digital camera, lens and supplies will I need?

You will need a digital SLR camera, plus related supplies. Entry level digital cameras with included zoom lenses such as the Canon Rebel XTi and Nikon D40 are excellent buys.

2. Will I need any software?

All software is provided in the lab. If you wish to purchase software for home, you can buy it at a 50% discount as a student at the DMACC Bookstore.

About Our Film & Digital Facilities

What type of facilities do you have?

We have spacious and well-equipped facilities for film and digital photography.

Our digital darkroom has 15 color-managed workstations, card readers, color-corrected proofing lights, a professional quality Nikon scanner, and a professional Epson printer that is capable of printing large color and black and white prints.