​Gen​eral Education Requirement:

For students in the Funeral Services AAS, you will complete 21 credits of general education which are included in the course requirements below.​

For students in the Mortuary Science Advanced Standing Diploma, you will complete an associate degree or equivalent, with at least 15 credits in general education in addition to the courses below.

Mortuary Science Anatomy Courses

* DMACC does not offer any anatomy courses in the online format. Students in the Funeral Home-Based (Online) Option will need to take Anatomy on-campus or at another institution. If you are looking for an online course, we suggest you take BIO 161 at Indian Hills Community College (​

National Board Examination:

To see the DMACC National Board Pass Rates as well as our Graduation Rates and Job Placement rates go to the Learning Outcomes page linked from the homepage.​​

​To see the DMACC National Board Pass Rate as well as the pass rates for all accredited institutions for the past 3 years, go to​​