Associate Degree Program

If you do not already have a college degree, you must enroll in the Associate in Science degree program in Interpretation and Translation (ITR AAS degree). The program has been designed to allow you to complete your degree as a full-time student in 2 years, or as a part-time student in 4 years. See Course Sequencing for more information.

NOTE: If you already have completed some college coursework, you may be able to transfer those credits to DMACC and so reduce the total number of credits that you need to complete for the ITR AAS degree. For more information, please contact the ITR Program Advisor.

Students are required to complete the AAS degree program in one concentration area at a time. Once a student has completed a full AAS degree of specialization in one area (36 credits of ITR General and Concentration Area courses), the student can enroll in a second (or subsequent) ITR concentration area and complete the specialization in the additional concentration area with only 18 credits of ITR Concentration Area courses, because the 18 credits of ITR General courses taken in AAS degree do not need to be re-taken.

The program is designed to prepare students for entry-level assignments as specialized interpreters and translators. Students are also trained with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to prepare themselves for professional certification exams.

Students completing the ITR AAS degree program can transfer to a 4-year institution to complete their Bachelor's degree. For example, DMACC and Iowa State University have an articulation agreement in which ITR graduates can transfer to Iowa State to complete a BA in either World Languages or Applied Linguistics.

The ITR AAS degree consists of the following components:

Core Courses28 credits
ITR General Courses18 credits
ITR Concentration Area Courses 18 credits
Total: 64 credits

Students obtaining the ITR AAS degree should incorporate both Core courses and ITR courses into each term's schedule. Because of the intensive nature of the ITR program, students are only allowed to take 6 ITR credits per term. Students must take the assigned courses each term during the program; if a course or term is skipped, or if a course is failed, students will have to wait for the next cycle of classes (usually 2 years) in order to re-integrate into the program.

Note: Students are required to complete the degree program in one concentration area. Once a student has completed the full ITR AAS degree program in one area (64 credits), the student can enroll later in the specialization program in a different concentration area and complete the second concentration area with only 18 credits, because the 18 credits of ITR General courses do not need to be re-taken.

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