Human Service Program in Action

Students participating in a Medical Simulation
Student simulation - student injured on arm talking with person getting information

Student simulation - student in bed with health care workers around  

Student Simulation - Students participating in drill 

Student simulation - student with bandage on forehad talking with healthcare worker 

Student simulation - student giving information to wormanwith clipboard 

Student simulation - student being examined by healthcare worker 

Student simulation - two people sitting on a bench 

Student simulation - girl holding apple and man holding files 

Student simulation - two students in hallway 

Students visit with Representative Ako Abdul-Samad at State Capitol - March 2018
Students visit with state representative at a table

student talking with table of people at state capitol

First Class of Students in MYFI (Minority Youth and Family Initiative) Program
MYFI Program Grads

Human Service students participating in the 2015 Homeless Shelter Program
Human Services 2015 

Homeless 2015

Easter Seals 2015
Easterseals 2015

Human Service club members at the Meals from the Heartland
Human Services

Human Service students visiting the Capitol to learn about advocacy and how to
talk with their legislators about bills that affect the Human Service field
Capitol Visit