Who will witness and processes the required Criminal/Abuse Background check form?

DMACC personnel only

Should I bring payment for the Criminal/Abuse Background check to be processed?


I enrolled in, but did not complete a nursing assistant course. Do I need to repeat the Criminal/Abuse Background check process?

Yes, if a nursing assistant course is left for any reason, the process must be repeated prior to returning.

I recently completed a Nurse Aide/Orderly class. Will I need to repeat the required Criminal/Abuse Background check for the Advanced Nurse Aide class?

Yes, it is a prerequisite for the Advanced class.

May I provide prerequisite information on alternate forms?


Does DMACC keep my immunization or physical forms on file?

The forms are kept for the duration of clinical rotations only.

Does either the Med Aide certification or the Home Care Aide certification satisfy the Advanced Nurse Aide class requirements?


I am an EMT. Does this satisfy the CNA requirement?

No. The curriculum and competencies for EMT, while critical to those receiving the service, are not the same as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).

I took a C.N.A. course, but not at DMACC. What do I need to do to see if it was an approved program and satisfies your requirements? What happens if my Nursing Assistant course is not approved?

Certificates of Completion from State of Iowa approved Nursing Assistant courses display a "T" number on the certificate. Completion of a state approved 75 hour Nursing Assistant course, completed January 1992 or after, is a pre-requisite for the Advanced Nursing Assistant course at DMACC. If the 75-hour Nursing Assistant course you took was not State approved, you will not be able to enroll in the Advanced Nursing Assistant course at DMACC. Students who have not completed an approved Nursing Assistant course, should plan to enroll in one if their goal is to enter the Advanced Nurse Aide program.

Will a copy of my Nurse Aide Registry card satisfy as proof that I successfully completed an approved 75-hour C.N.A. course?

No it won't. Since it is possible to take the Registry exam without completing an approved course (page 14 "Your Guide to the Iowa Nurse Aide Registry) you need to supply a copy of your certificate of completion or a transcript.
The registry provides an important service to the public by assuring that those who successfully pass the testing can provide minimally safe care to vulnerable (elderly, dependent) health care recipients. This is not the same as passing the course, including all skills and theory exams.

Should I wear scrubs the first class session?

No. Scrubs are worn for clinical rotation only. You should bring your required textbook and handbook (from the campus bookstore) to the first class.

What is successful completion of the C.N.A. requirement?

Your transcript with a grade of C or better or a completion certificate is proof of completion of the Nursing Assistant requirement. The course must be State approved and this is indicated by the presence of a "T" number on the State of Iowa completion certificate. If the course was taken outside of Iowa, it is the students' responsibility to provide proof the course was approved by the State that awarded their certificate.