Program Details

‚ÄčThe Biotechnology Program includes three degree options:

1. The Biotechnology Associate in Science (AS) Degree is the best option for students who want to:

  • Transfer directly into a 4-year degree program, or
  • Start a biotech career now with the option to easily continue their education in the future.

2. The Biotechnology Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Degree has four concentrations for students who plan to start a specific type of biotech career immediately after graduation.

AAS Degree Options

3. The Biotechnology Laboratory Methods Certificate is designed for students who currently have previous coursework or experience equivalent to the core biotechnology AA or AS program courses in biology and chemistry. It is a short-term credit program intended to provide you with the latest information and skills needed to function more effectively in your job or to update your skills for employment possibilities.

Additional AS and AAS Certificate Qualifications

Associate in Science (AS)

Associate in Applied Science (AAS)