Accounting Specialist Degree

Semester ​​1

Select 1 course from Option 1

Course #Course NameOptionCredits
ACC131 Principles of Accounting 4
BCA212 Intro Computer Business Appl 3
ADM131 Office Calculators 1
BUS112 Business MathOpt 13
MAT141 Finite MathOpt 14
ADM105 Introduction to Keyboarding 1
SDV108 The College Experience 1
ENG105 Composition I 3
Semester 1 Total16-17

Semester 2

Course #Course NameCredits
ACC311 Computer Accounting4
ACC132 Principles of Accounting II4
ACC124 Accounting Professionalism3
ACC351 Acct Spreadsheets for Entrepreneurs3
ACC161 Payroll Accounting3
​​Semester 2 Total16

Semester 3

Course #Course NameCredits
ACC361 Accounting Spreadsheets3
MGT145 Human Relations in Business3
ACC202 Accounting Cycle1
ACC261 Income Tax Accounting3
ACC231 Intermediate Accounting I4
ACC222 Cost Accounting4
Semester 3 Total18

Semester 4

Select 1 course from Option 2 and 1 from Option 3

Course #Course NameOptionCredits
ACC191 Financial Analysis 3
 AA/AAS Degree Core (Math)* 3
SPC101 Fundamentals of Oral Communication 3
ACC165 Payroll Certification ReviewOpt 22
ACC272 Accounting Information SsytemsOpt 24
ACC850 Tax Assistance InstituteOpt 23
ACC268 Business TaxOpt 23
ACC251 Gov't & Nonprofit AccountingOpt 23
ACC932 Accounting InternshipOpt 23 or 4
ACC946 Accounting Career Seminar 1
BUS185 Business Law IOpt 33
ECN120 Principles of MacroeconomicsOpt 33
Semester 4 Total14-17
Total Degree Credits64-68

* Students should check with both a DMACC advisor and a 4-year school advisor before selecting math and science courses, electives, Accounting options, and courses in other areas of business.  This will help ensure that they are directly admitted into the College of Business at their respective 4-year school when transferring.

** Students should check with a DMACC advisor and the four-year school advisor regarding each 4-year school's foreign language requirement.

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