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All DMACC vocational and technical programs prepare you to enter the workforce immediately.

Train for the most in-demand jobs in Iowa.

We offer:

  • 3 month certificates
  • 1 year diplomas
  • 2 year AAS degrees

We provide flexible scheduling with day, evening, online and accelerated online classes. Some programs allow you to enter the workforce within 3 months, while continuing your education with stackable credentials. Job placement is available.

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Testimonials from students in DMACC's vocational and technical programs

Yuuki's DMACC testimonial

Explores creative side after business

“After I graduated from my four year degree program in business, I found that I wanted to go back to work on my creative side. I really wanted to go into graphic design to supplement my marketing and business skills. So DMACC was more financially feasible but it was also short and concise which was what drew me to it.”

—Yuuki Matsuyama

Mark's DMACC testimonial

Saving lives, saving money

“I am in the paramedic program. My teacher is Mr. Eric Anderson. I chose DMACC because it’s affordable, convenient, and because DMACC appropriately trains you for your job.”

—Mark Sinnwell

Bailey's DMACC testimonial

Attending multiple campuses for nursing

“It was a good option for me for nursing schools. I was able to take classes in Ankeny, in Boone and in Ames so I would get done with a shift and be able to go to class and then go back to another shift, so it was really flexible that way. I was able to blend it in to my life.”

—Bailey Beckner

Peter's DMACC testimonial

Pursuing a degree at night

“I work full time. So having DMACC being able to offer night classes helps me with being able to pursue my human services degree. They’re here to work for you.”

—Peter Garcia

Breanna's DMACC testimonial

Wife and mom goes back to school

“I wanted to continue my education but as a wife and a mom, our family is already established in the Des Moines area and I didn’t want to move around. So with all the different DMACC locations and campuses it just made sense. Plus it was really affordable and I didn’t have to commute.”

—Breanna Owen, Fashion Program

—Carlos' DMACC testimonial

An instant match

“I chose DMACC after finding out that there was a photography program in Ankeny. After taking the orientation, I wanted to start immediately. It was a great environment and it offered everything I was hoping to get in photography.”

—Carlos Marroquin

Amy's DMACC testimonial

A solid choice in a reputable program

“I chose DMACC because they have one of the top respiratory therapy programs in the state of Iowa.”

—Amy Sonderman

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