Signature Course Status

​​​This is the status for the Online CPI Signature Courses.

✔ = complete
⚒ = in progress

BIO151 Nutrition
BUS102 Introduction to Business
BUS185 Business Law I
CSC116 Information Computing
ECN120 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECN130 Principles of Microeconomics
ENG105 Composition I
ENG106 Composition II
ENV115 Environmental Science
ENV116 Environmental Science Lab
GEO111 Introduction to Geography
HIS112 Western Civ. Ancient to Modern
HUM116 Encounters in Humanities
LIT101 Intro. to Literature
MAT110 Math for Liberal Arts
MAT157 Statistics
PHI105 Introduction to Ethics
PHS152 Astronomy
PSY111 Introduction to Psychology
PSY121 Developmental Psychology
PSY241 Abnormal Psychology
REL101 Survey of World Religions
SDV108 The College Experience
SOC110 Introduction to Sociology
SOC115 Social Problems
SOC120 Marriage and Family

If you have questions about getting access to a Signature course, please contact Online Learning. Please also see the Frequently Asked Questions​.