DMACC Strategic Plan 2006-2016

​​​DMACC’s 2016 Ten Year Vision for Success:
Des Moines Area Community College

MISSION: DMACC provides quality, affordable, student-centered education and training designed to empower all students in their pursuit of life's opportunities and career goals.

VISION: DMACC will improve the quality of life for individuals in its communities by meeting their educational and training needs throughout their lives.


  1. FIRST in Quality - A true cornerstone of our past and present and future success is the quality of the education and services we provide for our students and our district.
    A. Within term credit course retention
    B. Fall-to-spring credit student persistence
    C. Fall-to-fall credit student persistence
    D. Graduation rate
    E. Post-DMACC Success in employment and further education
    F. Assessment of student learning
    G. Percent of sections taught by full-time faculty
    H. Percent of returning non-credit customers (non-mandated) - CE and DBR
  2. FIRST in Service – Every person in our service area has the right to a DMACC education.
    A. Overall service area population penetration - Credit and Non-credit
    B. Service area population penetration by race - Credit and Non-credit
    C. Service area population penetration by age group - Credit only
  3. FIRST in Affordability – We are committed to making a quality DMACC education as affordable as possible
    A. Student education costs including tuition rate, fees and other necessary expenses
    B. Scholarship endowment fund balance
    C. Scholarship dollars awarded
    D. Number of student scholarships awarded
    E. Total foundation assets
    F. New revenues from grants, investment income and other sources (CE, DBR)
    G. Alumni association size and contributions
    H. Cost savings through process efficiencies and utilization of existing technology

DMACC FIRSTS Strategic Plan and Scorecards

 Historical  Plans and Strategic Activities