DMACC Carroll Campus Automotive Program Receives ASE Accreditation

Posted 9/6/2022
Carroll Campus

This marks the first time the Carroll Campus has applied for ASE Education Foundation accreditation

  • ​The DMACC Carroll Campus Automotive Program's enrollment has grown to include an average of 50 high school students each year.

  • The Carroll Automotive Program was approved in all 10 areas of the accreditation process.

  • The ASE Education Foundation supports students through their education to become ASE Certified Professionals.

The DMACC Carroll Camp​us Automotive program has received certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). Since 1972, ASE has worked to improve the quality of vehicle repair and service by testing and certifying automotive professionals.

“This ASE certification means that DMACC Carroll Campus students are receiving the highest level of expertise at the College," said Dr. Joel Lundstrom, DMACC Carroll Campus Provost. "Very few high school students have the opportunity to enroll in a program and lab that meets these rigorous standards."

DMACC Carroll Campus Automotive program instructor Eric Wollesen, who led the accreditation process, said the Carroll Automotive program's enrollment has grown to include an average of 50 high school students each year.

"It's a DMACC Career Advantage program in which students complete a two-year program and earn a Vehicle Light Maintenance certificate," Wollesen said. “The Carroll Automotive program has built a lot of close ties and backing from the local automotive businesses, auto parts retailers, ag dealers and heavy-duty truck businesses that hire some of the students part-time during their high school tenure.

"Our local partners are very supportive, and we have been very appreciative of our local advisory board the last few years." 

Wollesen extended a special thanks to the Advisory Board and on-site volunteers:

The Advisory Board includes:

  • Jim Detterman, Wittrock Motors

  • Duane Irelbeck, Duane's Repair

  • Rick Spoelstra, Duane's Repair

  • Brendan Stabley, Johnston Automotive

  • Jesse Weitl, Weitl's Repair

  • Harry Presley, Macke Motors

  • Gary Schenkelberg, Macke Motors

  • Kevin Eischeid, Motor Inn of Carroll

On-Site Volunteers are:

  • Cory Drees, Duane's Repair

  • Chris Nepple, Champion Ford

  • Roger Tapps, Champion Ford

  • Kim Tiefenthaler, Performance Tire and Service

Wollesen said the detailed accreditation process included a self-evaluation from the DMACC Carroll Automotive Advisory Committee, a review of the self-evaluation from the ASE Foundation, an ASE on-site evaluation, and a listing of six graduates who completed the program within the past three years and are employed locally.

In addition, the course of study, syllabus for each class, number of contact hours, sequence of instruction, list of training materials used and evaluation forms used to track student progress were all reviewed.

“This accreditation means that the DMACC Carroll Campus Automotive program is recognized for its career-preparedness," said Dr. Jenny Foster, Dean of Industry and Technology at DMACC. “It also means that employers can hire DMACC automotive graduates confidently and that consumers can trust the automotive workforce. 

"Graduates from ASE-accredited training programs succeed in the workplace."            

The DMACC Carroll Campus Automotive Technology program is designed to prepare students for employment in the automotive service industry. This technological program allows students to gain experience with shop tools, automotive engines, brakes, steering, suspension and electrical, to name a few. The program is available to area high school students at no cost to them. 

For more information on the program, email Instructor Eric Wollesen at​

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