DMACC Statement on the Violence Against the Asian American Pacific Islander Community

Posted 3/18/2021
DMACC Statement on Violence Against the Asian American Pacific Islander Community

​We are disheartened, sad and outraged about this week's shootings in Atlanta and by the rise in Anti-Asian American Pacific Islander (API) attacks across the country. On behalf of the entire DMACC community, we condemn any verbal and physical violence targeted at our Asian and Pacific Islander communities. From conversation with our own community partners, these acts and experiences have led to fear, and have taken a psychological and physical toll within the API communities.

The disproportionate impact of the global pandemic on communities of color, the cultural violence against Black, Indigenous and other People of color (BIPOC), and the recent rise in attacks on our API communities due to COVID-19 call for a national moment of unity and solidarity. At DMACC, we believe that in order to effectively address the attacks on our API communities, we must work to end all forms of structural racism leveled at BIPOC and API communities. As an essential element of our Strategic Plan, DMACC will continue to partner and work closely with our API and BIPOC communities to turn these feelings of anxiety, sadness and fear into unity, solidarity and strength. Our API and BIPOC communities have had to overcome these personal and community attacks throughout history. We will stand with them with love.

We have provided some information below about resources and free training, and hope they will be helpful. DMACC Counseling staff are available to students, and our DMACC Employee Assistance Program is available for faculty and staff who need assistance.

Available Resources and Free Training

Let us work to address and correct injustice wherever and whenever it arises.

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