Face-To-Face Classes Among Options for DMACC Students This Fall

Posted 6/23/2020

​College will offer a range of course delivery options to meet student needs.​

  • New policies and practices are in place to guard against the spread of ​COVID-19 in DMACC facilities this fall.

  • DMACC wants students to have a choice in how and where they learn.

  • Face-to-face and many other learning options will be offered this fall.​

DMACC administrators and staff are busy preparing the College's 12 campuses and learning centers across Central Iowa to be open and ready for students when the fall semester starts on Aug. 26th.

“While we're expanding our online programs this fall, including DMACC Rx (Real Time Virtual), we will also offer a range of face-to-face classes," said Rob Denson, President of DMACC. “It's important to provide students with different options in how and where they want to learn. Students will have greater flexibility this year to choose the learning environment that's right for them."

Denson said students will have access to the same high-quality academic and student supports in both environments throughout the fall term. The College has developed new policies and protocols to help protect those students, faculty and staff from contracting COVID-19 while they are in DMACC facilities.

“The safety and well-being of our students is our top priority," Denson said.

Some of those steps to reduce or eliminate the spread of the coronavirus include expanding cleaning protocols, creating signage to emphasize safety, reducing the number of students in classrooms, modifying time between classes to reduce congestion in buildings and common areas, and instituting physical distancing and face covering requirements.

For those students who may not feel comfortable being in public places, the College has created DMACC Rx or (R) real (x) time virtual classes that are offered on a set day and time via computer. They can see and interact with their professors and fellow classmates in real time. DMACC will also offer web-blended which is a combination of face-to-face and online as well as traditional online classes. For a complete list of learning options, visit www.dmacc.edu/registration/Pages/summer-class-delivery.aspx.

“We're all very excited about welcoming students back this fall, and we want them to feel comfortable in whatever learning environment they choose," Denson said. “We realize it's been a difficult year for many of our students and their families. Our goal is to make the fall semester as stress-free, safe and rewarding for them as possible."

For interviews, contact DMACC President Rob Denson, (515) 964-6520​​, rjdenson@dmacc.edu

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