DMACC Announces 'DMACC Rx' As it Prepares to Welcome New & Returning Students This Fall

Posted 5/21/2020
  • DMACC is launching its DMACC Rx plan for fall term to reduce the possible spread and impact of COVID-19.

  • DMACC Rx includes real-time virtual classes as a safer option that maintains personal-contact learning and classroom structure.

  • DMACC Rx is for students who prefer face-to-face education and want to see their professor and classmates in real-time.

  • No additional tuition or fees should a face-to-face class move to the DMACC Rx format.


As part of its overall plan to welcome back students this fall, DMACC has announced DMACC Rx real-time (R-real, x-time) virtual classes as more face-to-face classes move to this unique online format.

“We're all very excited about welcoming students back this fall," said Rob Denson, President of DMACC. “We realize it's been difficult for many of our students and their families. Our goal is to make the fall semester as stress-free, safe and rewarding for them as possible. It's a great way to start preparing for a successful career. And the prescription for success is DMACC Rx, real-time virtual classes."  

Real-time virtual classes are held online, but follow the format of traditional face-to-face classes. Students will meet online for class at a regularly scheduled date and time, and will be able to see and interact with their professors and fellow classmates on their computer screen.

“Real-time virtual classes are as close as you can get to being in the classroom without physically being there," Denson said. “This will give our students added structure and stability through personal-contact learning until we can all meet again in the classroom."

Denson said that moving classes to the real-time virtual format, which will be available throughout Central Iowa, the country, and around the world, will also help DMACC implement an aggressive plan of social distancing for those students and faculty who must be on campus, noting chemistry, auto and welding as examples of classes that will be taught in person this fall.

Denson said the College is also working hard to keep students safe who take classes on DMACC campuses this fall by deep cleaning buildings and purchasing personal protective equipment (PPE) for students, faculty and staff.

“We recognize the challenges and difficulties that many of our students and their families are facing due to COVID-19," Denson said. “We are here to provide them with a supported pathway to achieving their academic and career goals now, not later."

Denson said the College is the best alternative for parents who may not feel comfortable sending their students away to college this fall.

“DMACC offers a quality, affordable education that's close to home and our online options are safer yet," he said.

Additionally, DMACC Rx real-time virtual classes are offered with no added costs or fees.

“We recognize that layoffs and furloughs are impacting many of our DMACC families, so we are doing everything possible to make our education as personable and affordable as possible," Denson said.

The DMACC fall semester starts August 26, and registration is now open. 

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